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CLAY RITUAL BOWL - KaylaMarie Ceramics

CLAY RITUAL BOWL - KaylaMarie Ceramics

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These delicate handcrafted ritual bowls are the perfect accompaniment to your skincare practice. Use to mix your face mask potions, hold incense or delicate jewelry. An absolutely stunning, yet simple piece to adorn your bathroom counter or bedroom vanity. We are so grateful for these beautiful pieces made exclusively for SARAH'S SOAPS + we hope you will love them just as much as we do! 

  3.25" x 1"

RITUAL: FOR FACE MASKS: place a spoonful of your favourite dry clay mask in to bowl + slowly add your liquid of choice. Mix until smooth.  /  FOR INCENSE: add a small amount of incense mix or a small piece of palo santo into bowl + light. Blow out + leave amber to burn. Never leave unattended.

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Kayla Benner makes functional pottery for use in daily life, and hopes for her work to inspire an enjoyable moment.  This work is all lovingly crafted and decorated by hand. See more of Kayla's work HERE