Our favourite tips for happy winter skin

We all know that the harsh, cold winters can often leave our skin feeling dry, tight + dull...  If you have noticed a change in your skin this winter season, you will probably see some of the common signs of dry skin: tightness, redness, cracking / flaky skin, change in texture... All of these are signs of dehydrated, chapped and/or irritated skin. Here are a few tips to have happy, healthy + glowing skin, all winter long!



   1. MOISTURIZE AFTER WASHING:     Constant hand washing can strip the skin of its moisture. To keep your hands looking their best, be sure to moisturize immediately after washing. We recommend using our WILD SPRUCE + WHITE PINE salve to hydrate, protect + heal. Tip: using a salve on damp skin allows for better absorption!


   2. DRINK YOUR WATER:     Its true, staying hydrated plays a key role in skin health - making sure you get enough water daily will not only keep your skin looking healthy, but will keep your mind + body as a whole, happy + healthier. We are currently loving warm water with lemon + ginger - an easy + yummy bevy to boost hydration!


    3. SEASONAL SKINCARE IS A MUST:    As the seasons change, so should your skincare. Try switching out the products you are using for ones that are thicker + rich in vitamins. Our APRICOT + BENZOIN serum deeply nourishes + gently brightens skin with a formula rich in vitamin C, E + naturally occurring collagen. Ps. did you know that the seabuckthorn oil found in our APRICOT + BENZOIN serum contains up to 12 times more vitamin C than an orange?   


   4. PAT DRY... DON'T RUB:     After bathing, opt to pat dry with a towel, instead of rubbing. Rubbing your skin dry after showering or bathing can be really stripping. Try gently patting the skin instead and following up with our COCONUT + SHEA body butter to lock in moisture and keep skin looking fresh!      



   5. BAR SOAP IS YOUR BEST FRIEND:     Commercial cleansers can leave your skin feeling harsh + dry. Our BUTT NAKED bar soap is formulated with moisturizing cocoa + shea butters made to leave your skin feeling clean and fresh. Use this bar on your face, hands, body - your skin will thank you for it! Did you know... not all soaps are made the same? Our natural formula safe is for all skin types, super gentle and is 100% natural.


   6. TAKE QUICK, WARM SHOWERS:     It feels only right to be taking long, hot showers and baths during the cold winter months, but taking extra hot showers can quickly draw out moisture from the skin, leaving you feeling dry. Try lowering the temperature + don't forget to moisturize after. Finishing your shower with a blast of cold water tightens your pores + increases your circulation.


   7. A PLUMP POUT:     Be sure to keep those lips moisturized by having a lip butter on hand 24/7! The skin on our lips is much thinner + delicate, which causes them to lose moisture much quicker than the rest of our body. Our LIP BUTTERS not only hydrate your pout, but the wax in our formulation locks in moisture. 


   8. BUNDLE UP:     Protecting your skin from the cold + harsh winter winds is crucial to winter skin health. Unprotected skin can quickly become chapped + dry, so make sure to wear those hats, gloves + scarves.


All in all, don't let the winter season scare you - this season brings so much beauty + encourages us all to embrace a slower life to soothe the body + mind. What are some of the changes you make to your rituals during the winter season? Feel free to share in a comment below! 


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