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We love to incorporate Aloe vera in to our summer skincare + for good reason... 

Aloe vera is a powerful herbal medicine that has been used worldwide for centuries. You may even have it growing in your home as it is a popular houseplant that is easy to grow. What's better than homegrown medicine?

Aloe vera is soothing, hydrating + oh so healing. You can harness all of its skin benefits by using this plant raw if you grow it yourself! Heres how:
  • cut a leaf off at the base where the leaf meets the plant
  • remove the spines on the edges of the leaves - using a vegetable peeler works great for this!
  • cut the aloe leaf in half, revealing the inside flesh
  • apply the aloe vera gel by rubbing the fleshy insides of the leaf on your skin

PRO TIP: avoid the yellowish liquid coming from the flesh of the leaves right after its been cut. This liquid can be a tad bit irritating to those who have very  sensitive skin. You want to use the clear gel on the inside!

Some of my favourite ways to use Aloe vera gel are: adding a little bit in to the bath  water, applying to the hair + rinsing as a softening hair mask and applying neat to burns.


This is our studio Aloe vera - such a rewarding plant to grow!
This limited edition summer skin duo will gently cleanse and provide skin with essential moisture + nutrients. Formulated with clays, handcrafted extracts, hydrosols + healing essential oils, these goods will keep your looking and feeling healthy all season long.  From beach to shower, we've got you covered!  


Made with fresh aloe vera juice and an essential oil blend of peppermint, eucalyptus + sweet basil, our limited edition summer soap will cool + soothe sun kissed skin. French green clay gently cleanses making this bar perfect for face + body. Simple, gentle + effective natural skincare! 


photo by: Ali Turton



Our limited edition after sun mist is crafted with soothing aloe vera, cooling peppermint hydrosol + anti-inflammatory wild harvested nettle extract to care for sun kissed skin.  This formula aids in reducing redness + irritation from sun exposure.  Storing your bottle in the fridge makes using your mist even ‘cooler’ + keeps it fresher, too! Simply mist over your entire body head to toe to soothe + calm sun exposed skin. Apply generously + often.
photo by: Ali Turton

I would love to know what you use Aloe vera for in your rituals. Do you grow this plant as an indoor plant, or does your climate allow this plant to grow out in the landscape year round?

- Sarah

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