The Energy of Summer Solstice: with Emily Schenck - reiki master teacher + coach

Here at SARAH'S SOAPS, we truly believe in the importance of self-care in mind, body + spirit, especially throughout the changing of seasons. We sat down with Emily from eschenckonline to chat all things energy moving in to the coming Summer Solstice, where she shares some approachable + intentional ways to connect with yourself during this season of change.  

Emily Schenck is a Reiki Master Teacher + Coach. Her studio is located in St. Catharines but her work transcends distance and time. Emily works with 1:1 and group clients virtually and in person seven days a week.

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We are energetic beings before anything else. Our physical bodies, thoughts, emotions - all of these things are vibrations, particles and waves being perceived by our consciousness. Everything is energy taking different forms. Everything is impermanent. Everything is renegotiable. Wow, right?

Our awareness and understanding of our personal energy and the energy of our reality are serious forms of self-care. The more we learn about and work with energy, the more empowered we become in our daily lives. This is one of the core principles of my work as a Reiki Master Teacher and spiritual coach. I teach my clients the why and how of their worlds and give them the tools to create healing and change as they see fit. One simple way to tune into energy is to witness and be guided by nature. 


Emily's serene St. Catharines (ON) based studio which is available for in-person or distanced work - book a session with Emily here


Seasons are Mother Nature’s reminder to us of impermanence and if we want them to be, they can be a very tangible marker of where we are on the journey of the year. The process of creating anything in our reality can be nicely mapped out by the seasons. We can (of course) create any time we want, but the core features of each season can show us what this takes.

Winter is a holding period where we sit with our seed of intention, waiting for the earth to warm and our hearts to be sure. Hibernation represents yin force, embodiment and rest; we charge our intentions up with feeling. Spring energy plants the seed. We make small efforts, entertain new ideas and gather resources to give the seed the drink it needs to fully root and sprout. When Summer hits, the once seedling becomes a full-fledged campaign of action, its growth powered by solar energy. The fruits of our labour become visible as a way to remind us to keep going. 

Solar energy represents the yang force, as well as the element of fire. Yang force is fast, goal-oriented motion. Fire, being the only element that must be initiated, symbolizes transformation. Our collective momentum, confidence and drive (the fire starters) tend to really hit full speed during summertime. It goes without saying, the sun is the key energetic feature here. This is (of course) an important aspect of the upcoming Summer Solstice - the longest day of the year with the most sunlight. 


"We are born with an incredible capacity to create and maintain whatever world it is that we want for ourselves."


The origin of the word “solstice” comes from the combination of sol (Sun) and sistere (to stand still). Summer Solstice (happening on June 21st this year) is an invitation to pause and be with (yin) solar energy (yang). That pause is really a call to appreciate what’s already come to fruition and then become even more clear on our intentions so that they may become fully materialized. With all this in mind, consider creating a Summer Solstice ritual for yourself that orbits around these two sets of questions:

  1. What is being illuminated now? What might be blocking the light I need going forward? The extended sunlight can reveal what is no longer serving us or our intentions if we allow it to. The element of fire helps us release this weight. Allow Summer Solstice to support you in cutting energetic ties with relationships, habits, limiting beliefs or narratives that are holding you back so that you may progress into summer full force. Write these things out and BURN them. For real. Have a bonfire with your friends and stick your list in as kindling. Burn it and mean it.
  2. What are the fruits of my labour thus far? What has already come to fruition? How can I practice gratitude today? Standing still encourages us to take stock and fully appreciate how far we’ve come since January 1st. What outdoor activity strikes gratitude in your heart? If it’s being with friends, host a barbecue. If it’s lying out on the grass with a good book, do that. See what’s already transpired this year, what you’ve accomplished and thank yourself and your co-creator (the Universe). Gratitude opens our hearts and makes us magnetic to the things we desire. You can journal this if you’d like, or even simpler: tell somebody.

And if you want to get witchy with it, here are some suggestions…

    • citrine, tiger’s eye, carnelian, peridot, anything Faerie-related, citrus, rose, sunflowers, chamomile, cinnamon
    • in Tarot: the cups cards, flower crowns, summer simmer pot, watch the sun rise and set, dance around in a circle around a fire with your other witchy friends


We are born with an incredible capacity to create and maintain whatever world it is that we want for ourselves. There is one condition: we must continue to define what that world is. This brings me back to the starting point: intention.

I am offering a free workshop/energy healing this month on Tuesday, June 20th focused on that very topic. It’s called  The Prequel  - it’s the preview of my four-month group energetic upgrade program that is running from July - October this year. That’s Energy Elevator and you can find out more about it  here , and  sign up for The Prequel here.  We’ll be talking about exactly what brings intention into reality and how you can do your intentions greater service through aligned action. This workshop also includes distance Reiki and meditation. 

Let this Summer Solstice be a celebration of all that is amazing in your world (inward and outward). Wake up, smell the roses, then trim back the bush. And with every season, make sure you check in with yourself. What’s working? What isn’t? Are you following your joy or your fear? What’s blocking you from what you really want? How can you take your cues from nature? Everything is energy taking different forms. Everything is impermanent. Everything is renegotiable.

Love, Em


Herbs + botanicals bring us a deep sense of connection to Mother Earth, especially through the harvest + infusion process. We harvest our botanicals wildly from the earth, infusing them for weeks in the gentle warm sun before bottling them up + making their way to you. Here are a few of our favourite summer goods to ease your body + mind through this transitional season: 

CALENDULA + PLANTAIN salve:  Crafted with sunny yellow calendula blossoms + wild harvested plantain leaves, this salve naturally soothes summer skin - think itch, burns, rashes, bug bites...

ALOE VERA + NETTLE after sun mist: Cooling, soothing + oh so refreshing, this lightweight mist tends for sun kissed skin by soothing sun burns, and leaves the body feeling cool. Crafted with wild harvest summer nettle + pure aloe vera to care for your body all summer long.

WILD SPRUCE + WHITE PINE salve:  Talk about connection, the aroma of this salve naturally draws a deep connection to the forest. Warm between the hands, cover your nose + mouth lightly and deeply inhale to ground the body + mind during meditation, spiritual practice or a simple moment of peace. This salve helps to soothe tired bodies, ease breathing + nourish the skin.



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