Which serum is best for your skin?

There is a lot of information circling out there in the skincare world + at times it can feel a little overwhelming to sort through it all... Here at SARAH'S SOAPS, we've made it easy to find the perfect serum for your skin.

Handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality + efficacy, each of our serums are formulated with a limited ingredient list that highlights a custom blend of nourishing plant oils + botanicals to produce effective results, all while being affordable.



 If your skin is feeling tired, dry + dull, our APRICOT + BENZOIN facial serum is for you! This serum provides a blend of beneficial fatty-acids to boost natural collagen production and keeps skin toned + firm. Formulated with nourishing apricot + grapeseed oils and soothing benzoin resin to protect and deeply hydrate skin. This naturally brightening formula is perfect for mature skin, all while being gentle enough for those with more sensitive skin - a total skin saviour in the winter! For extremely dry skin, I recommend layering on our LAVENDER + ROSEHIP salve on top of any spots that need a little extra TLC.    



 If your skin tends to feel more oily or if you experience acne/breakouts, try our CASTOR + TEA TREE facial serum. This serum is crafted a blend of naturally antibacterial essential oils that balance your skin's natural oil production. Made with light weight oils like sunflower + safflower oil to hydrate skin, without feeling too heavy. Some people like to swap to this serum during the warmer summer months when their skin tends to shift from dry to more oily.



The lightest of our three formulas, our BLUE YARROW + CAMELLIA facial serum is formulated for combination skin, or those who fall in between dry/oily. This serum is multipurpose - it works wonders as an oil cleanser + aids in healing breakouts as a spot treatment. A blend of anti-inflammatory blue yarrow essential oil and soothing camellia + sweet almond oil to gently nourish skin on a deeper level.  


Natural skincare does not need to be complicated!  By choosing the right products for your skin, you can simplify your routine while keeping it effective. Play around with your skincare rituals, too - try applying serum in the morning if you tend to feel dry by the end of the day, or at night if you lean more oily. Don't be scared to apply your serum morning + night either. Change up your serum seasonally, depending if you are needing a heavier or lighter formula. Skincare is unique to each individual, so find what works best for you!

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serum helps? thank you

plumbers alexandria va

Love the apricot serum so much. Thank you for helping me pick the best one for my skin at your last market. I can’t live without it!

Melissa S.

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