WILD BERRY BALM: mulberries, black raspberries + elderberries... oh my!

It's berry season here in southern Ontario.

A short season filled with rich, juicy jewels. Our WILD BERRY BALM encapsulates this fruitful season - a lightweight, sheer tint that is reminiscent of berry stained fingers + smells of sweet summer fruit, allowing you to hold on to this bountiful season a little while longer. After a day of harvesting ripe berries in the forests near our studio, I couldn't help but admire the beautiful hues that stained my fingertips - rich reds, purples + pinks that reminded me of my sweet harvest. I knew that I had to craft a potion to cherish these sweet moments. 

We harvested wild mulberry leaves + berries, black raspberries and elderberries from last summer season. Then we dehydrate these little jewels before infusing them in golden sunflower oil + skin softening fruit oils of red raspberry and cranberry. 

This formula is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and is super gentle on the skin. Not only does it provide a sheer tint, it also deeply hydrates, nourishes + protects the skin. A multipurpose balm to be used anywhere + everywhere.

 To enhance this balm's rich colour, we also infused this formula with beet root + alkanet root. Two plant based pigments that aid in creating this deep berry hue. This formula is 100% dye, mineral + artificial colour FREE. Plants are truly so magical!

If you want a richer tint, this balm can be easily layered on the skin. Feel free to reapply during the day to freshen up your tint. We love to apply this balm to the apples of our cheeks, temples, eyelids, tip of our nose + of course on our lips for the perfect berry pout. This balm has a perfectly dewy + natural finish on the skin. 

I hope you love this balm as much as I loved foraging, formulating + crafting it for you. A little pot of wonder to take with you in to the cooler seasons, to commemorate this beautiful season of goodness!

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I LOVE this balm! I have it with me all the time and it is so easy to apply when you are in a hurry or don’t have a lot of time, it feels so nice on the skin. Never stop making this because I need it in my life…


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