all orders placed in APRIL will receive a free CARROT + OATMEAL soap sample (while supplies last)




"I first met Sarah last year, and this is when my skin’s life changed! My first purchase was her Lavender & Rosehip Salve when I expressed my frustration with how dry & cracked, yet oily my skin was! After one week of using this my skin looked better then ever! My makeup applied amazingly, I had a glow to my skin, and it was no longer flakey and dry! If I can recommend just one product of hers to buy, this would be it! After I had my daughter, my hormones completely changed, and no deodorant would work for me anymore; I have tried every brand in Shoppers Drug Mart, even the clinical ones. And I will be honest with you guys, I would still STINK! I would have to apply 2-3 times a day, it would gather up in the crease of my armpit & get so itchy, I was so frustrated! Using Sarah’s deodorant has changed my life! I apply it once a day in the morning, and it lasts all day! It doesn’t ball up in the crease of my underarms, it doesn’t make me itch, and the entire packaging is 100% biodegradable!"  



"The Facial Philter Bar is simply the best! This product lasts, as I am still on my first one!! Planning on ordering more when the time comes. It is one of the only products out there that I can use on my face (& for over 10 years I have fought cystic acne). Thank you Sarah, your products are fantastic!!"



"This deodorant smells so fresh and clean AND actually works! I can go all day without worrying about BO. I've been wanting to switch to natural products for a while now. I feel like I've finally found a brand that I truly believe in and I fully trust. I also love that when the product is finished, I can dispose of the tube responsibly and not create more unnecessary waste. I know from the moment Sarah begins to harvest her materials to the moment I am finished with one of her products, we are doing as little harm to the environment as possible."



"Really fantastic high quality goods. Perfect for those who want back to basics natural goods."



"Loved loved loved the sample Sarah provided me with when I purchased a bar of soap as a Christmas gift. Smells amazing !! Highly recommend her soaps hands down."