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OILY/ACNEIC full skincare ritual set

OILY/ACNEIC full skincare ritual set

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A perfectly curated collection of goods to compliment your natural beauty - from washing to masking, healing + hydrating. This skincare ritual set will provide your skin with antibacterial essential oils + healing botanicals to manage breakouts and balance your skin's daily oil production.


step 1: wash + remove makeup / dirt while detoxifying + deeply cleansing with the FACIAL PHILTER soap

step 2: detoxify, mattify + balance with the CHARCOAL + FRANKINCENSE clay mask

step 3: hydrate + take care of problematic breakouts face with the CASTOR + TEA TREE facial serum

step 4: use the CALENDULA + PLANTAIN salve as a spot treatment for blemishes + irritated areas 

step 5: finish off by hydrating your lips with the SUMAC + WILD ROSE lip butter


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