Fall favourites + seasonal skincare tips

There is so much to love about fall - sweater weather, crisp morning walks, the fiery hues of changing trees, crunchy leaves under your feet... 

It is one of our most abundant harvest seasons, too. Think sage, goldenrod, rosehips, wild apples, spruce, pine, plantain... so many incredible botanicals. Oh, and let's not forget one of our favourites - mushrooms + fungi! As the temperature drops and the leaves start to change, wild mushrooms begin to flourish. The damp and cool conditions of fall create the perfect environment for these fungi to thrive. It's during this time that a wide variety of mushroom species can be found in forests, meadows, and even your own backyard.

While foraging for wild mushrooms can be an exciting and rewarding experience, it's crucial to prioritize safety. Remember, when it comes to wild mushrooms, it's better to be safe than sorry. Before you embark on your mushroom hunting expedition, here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

  •   DO YOUR RESEARCH:   Mushrooms can be tricky little devils, so it's important to know what you're looking for. Get yourself a good field guide or join a local mushroom foraging group to learn from the experts. Here are some of our favourite mushroom foraging guides.
  •   DON'T RELY SOLELY ON ONLINE IDENTIFICATION:   While the internet is a wonderful resource, it's not always reliable when it comes to mushroom identification. Always cross-reference your findings with a trusted field guide or an experienced forager.
  •   LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION:   Different mushrooms thrive in different environments. Some love the shade of the forest, while others prefer open fields. So, make sure you know where to look for your desired fungi friends.
  •   DON'T BE GREEDY:   It can be tempting to gather as many mushrooms as possible, but remember that nature needs to replenish itself. Take only what you need and leave the rest for future foragers.
  •   TRUST YOUR SENSES:   When it comes to mushroom foraging, your senses are your best friends. Look for visual cues like colour, shape, and texture. And don't forget to give them a sniff! A good mushroom should have a pleasant, earthy aroma.
  •   DON'T EAT IT IF YOU ARE NOT CERTAIN!:   When in doubt, throw it out! If you're unsure about the identification of a mushroom, it's better to be safe than sorry, some mushrooms can be toxic. When you are first starting your mushroom foraging journey, take every find as an opportunity to build your identification skills




Our PUMPKIN + CINNAMON bar soap is crafted with skin soothing pumpkin fruit which is rich in vitamin C + exfoliating enzymes to leave your skin bright and glowy all season long. It is deliciously scented with a warming blend of sweet orange, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg + black pepper essential oils to boost circulation and ground the mind. Hand topped with a delicate star anise seed pod on each bar. One of our most anticipated seasonal goods to date, this bar is gentle on all skin types.

The newest bar to our permanent fall line-up that was a fan favourite last season during our limited edition release, is our SUGAR MAPLE + WILD APPLE bar soap. Crafted with soothing apple cider vinegar, antioxidant rich Niagara maple syrup + nourishing benzoin resin. Maple syrup is an essential in our fall pantry, being used in desserts, herbal preparations + even skincare! It aids in reducing redness + dryness in the skin. The sugars in the maple syrup create a luxurious + milky lather that can be used head-to-toe. Apple cider vinegar provides antibacterial + anti-fungal properties that make this bar a beautiful face + body cleanser. With an essential oil blend of sweet, sugary vanilla from benzoin resin and subtle notes of cinnamon spice. If you have yet to try this bar, it may just become your new favourite!



As the leaves change colour and the air becomes crisp...

...it's time to adjust your skincare routine to protect and nourish your skin during the fall season. The cooler temperatures and lower humidity levels can cause dryness and dullness, but with the right products, you can maintain a healthy and glowing complexion all season long. Over here at SARAH'S SOAPS, we love incorporating more hydrating products in to our rituals, drinking lots of warm teas, indulging in filling soups + stews and spending lots of time out in nature. Here are some essential fall skincare tips to keep your skin looking its best:



One of the most important things you can do for your skin during the fall is to keep it hydrated. The dry air can strip away moisture, leading to dry, itchy + flaky skin. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to hydrate your body from within. Additionally, use a facial serum that is suitable for your skin type to lock in moisture and prevent dryness. Wondering which serum is best for your skin? Read more hereFor the body, we always use our COCONUT + SHEA body butter to deeply nourish.


Exfoliation is key to removing dead skin cells and revealing a fresh, radiant complexion. However, be gentle with your exfoliation routine during the fall. Opt for a mild physical exfoliator like our KONJAC CLOUD SPONGES that won't irritate or dry out your skin. 


Even though the sun may not feel as intense during the fall, UV rays can still damage your skin. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Don't forget to cover exposed areas like your face, neck + back of your hands, especially when spending time outdoors.


Take advantage of your night time rest to give your skin an extra boost of hydration. Apply a nourishing overnight mask via our SALVES before going to bed. For dry/sensitive skin, we love our LAVENDER + ROSEHIP salve, and for oily/acne prone/combination we love our CALENDULA + PLANTAIN salve. This will help replenish moisture and repair your skin while you sleep, leaving you with a refreshed and rejuvenated complexion in the morning.


During the fall, it's important to switch to a gentle cleanser that won't strip away your skin's natural oils. Look for a cleanser that is hydrating and free from harsh ingredients. For dry/sensitive skin, we love our BUTT NAKED soap or our CARROT + OATMEAL soap, and for oily/acne prone/combination we love our FACIAL PHILTER soapAvoid hot water when washing your face, as it can further dry out your skin. Instead, opt for lukewarm water to cleanse and refresh your skin. Pro tip: this is the perfect time to incorporate our KONJAC CLOUD SPONGES!


With the cooler temperatures, your lips can easily become dry and chapped. Keep them soft and supple by applying a moisturizing lip butter. Look for products that contain hydrating ingredients like plant butters + oils to keep your lips moisturized and protected. Both our SUMAC + WILD ROSE lip butter and our JUNIPER + PEPPERMINT lip butter are crafted with hydrating butters, nourishing herbal infusions + moisture locking plant waxes to keep your pout looking + feeling its best.




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I love looking for mushrooms when I am hiking with the family, the kids love it too. Going to look in to getting better at identifying them thank you! Love this post.

Tanya K

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